Seafarer recruitment is based on competence, and senior officers shall always have an appropriate experience and training relevant for our vessels. All officers employed onboard our tankers shall meet the requirements of Oil Companies International Marine Forum’s (OCIMF) vessel inspection questionnaire crew matrix and specific requirements of applicable clients. Through screening, selection process, continuous training and welfare provisions, Goodwood has built up a pool of qualified, well trained and experienced seafarers to ensure safe and reliable operations. Goodwood has invested and built up its own training center offering training through its in-house full mission bridge simulator, engine simulator, Electric Chart Display & Information System (ECDIS) and other relevant training support equipment.

DHT strives to be an attractive employer for seafares by offering a safe working environment with high operating standards in combination with continuous training and career development. The results of our efforts are, amongst others, demonstrated by Goodwood’s high retention ratio for its officers, which is considered high in our industry.

Operating Statistics

Our high operating standards and results are demonstrated by the below. For the calendar year 2019 we reported the following (benchmarked with Intertanko):

GoodwoodV.Ships FranceIntertanko

*Lost Time Injury Frequency
**Total Recordable Case Frequency

Gender diversification

Gender diversification as per 18.06.2020FemaleMale
Onshore Organization35%65%
Executive Officers33%67%
Board of Directors0%100%

Employee turnover

Retention Rate is calculated by using Intertanko’s retention rate formula

Seafarers Retention Rate 2019
GoodwoodV.Ships France
All Officers93.8%87.5%

Onshore Retention Rate 2019
Executive Officers100%
Total Onshore95%

S = Total Number of terminations from what ever cause (In effect this means the total number employees that have left the company for what ever reason)
UT = Unavoidable Terminations (i.e. retirements or long term illness)
BT = Beneficial Terminations (i.e. sometimes those staff that do leave provide benefit to the company by virtue of leaving, for example under performers
AE = The average number of employees working for the company during the same period as calculated, this should be any period of 12 months.